Corporation info

Our business at TripLocator is anchored to a set of four key values, which infuse the way we interact with our customers and our partners and should shine through in every trip you take with us. We believe that:
It's a bit of an honor that you've chosen us. Without wanting to go all mushy on you, we're conscious that your holiday is one of the most important events of your year. You spend precious leave days and savings on it, plan and look forward to it for weeks, and –
if it's up to us – will remember it forever, for all the right reasons. We're proud to be a part of that, and honored that, out of all the travel sites you could have chosen, you've come to us. And it's our mission to repay that trust with the best customer service we can possibly give.

Everyone should see the world. All of us who work at TripLocator have one thing in common: we love traveling, and we want everyone to have the chance to experience new countries, new cultures and new ways of living. That's why we're committed to building a portfolio of trips that's as wide-ranging as our destinations – and why we'll guarantee that you won't find our trips cheaper anywhere else (or if you do we'll refund the difference). Whatever your pleasure, even if you've never thought of yourself as a "traveler" before, we will have a trip for you.

Details make the difference. TripLocator team members are a bunch of perfectionists. Which makes us annoying to have round for dinner, but comes in handy when you're looking for a multi-destination pan-Asia tour with eight different hotel stays (all wanting to know your dietary requirements), half a dozen day-trips and a couple of nerve-janglingly tight airport transfers. 

Local people matter. We and our partners are committed to leaving trip destinations, not just as we found them, but even better. That's why our five-star grading system includes ratings for "culture and environment", to recognize trip providers who exceed our exacting standards. That's why we ask for your feedback, to double- and triple-check that all the trips we list are the sustainable, light-stepping adventures that you and local people deserve. And that's why, through our not-for-profit foundation, we're funneling 1% of our profits back into the communities we travel in, using the money to start schools in remote areas, plant trees, and organize conservation awareness programmes to engage local people in the importance of preserving their heritage.