Staying safe

Your safety during your time away is really important to us (as we imagine it is to you!) While we don't choose your destinations for you – after all, only you know your deepest darkest Wander-lusts! - we've come up with a few useful tips to keep you that bit safer wherever you decide to go.

  • Don't book a trip until you've checked your government's website to see if there are any travel alerts about your planned destination. If the Men in Suits say no, we'd be inclined to believe them this time! Keep an eye on travel alerts during your time abroad as well.
  • Before you set out, register with your embassy in your destination country and let them know where you're going and for how long (including any treks or trips out into the wilds). This could save valuable time in an emergency. 
  • Wear your heart on your sleeve...but maybe not your most expensive watch. Showing off all your bling might make you more likely to become a target for thieves.
  • Keep your belongings safe and close by. No leaving laptops out on café tables! (Yep, guilty as charged. But the people here are really specially nice.)
  • Make sure your travel insurance covers you for the most likely emergencies – including loss or damage to your personal belongings.
  • Stay safe! And remember, TripLocator's a 24/7 service, so you can always give us a call if something does go wrong and you need advice.